What is GoJoe

The GoJoe app inspires you to get fit with people you know.

Exercise on your own but not alone - turn boring everyday running, walking, cycling and swimming into virtual team-based challenges.

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The Problem

Exercising on your own is dull.

People are more likely to exercise - and enjoy it - when doing it with, or against, someone they know. However, existing fitness tracking apps do not cater for this, instead focusing on the individual and on elitist and data-heavy platforms.

The Solution

GoJoe allows people to:

Exercise in teams, with and against friends and celebrities.

GoJoe is a truly social digital fitness app, allowing you to stay connected and exercise with and against friends and celebrities/influencers, in teams, but on your own. Have a bit of friendly competition and support each other to get fit by having your individual exercise count towards a team-based challenge.

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Team Des Clarke

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Ready. Set. GoJoe