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11-13 September 2020

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What is GoJoe?

GoJoe is a new type of social fitness app which motivates the mass-market of ordinary people - ‘ordinary joes’ - to exercise more by making it all about the team.   Exercise on your own but not alone – go out and exercise, and the distances that you clock up go towards challenges that your team is in.

What is the Virtual Kiltwalk GoJoe challenge?

Due to COVID-19, Kiltwalk’s usual Edinburgh physical event isn’t happening this time around but instead is turning digital for the big Virtual Kiltwalk Weekend (11-13 September 2020).  As part of this, Kiltwalk has partnered with a new (free) social fitness app, GoJoe, to provide a completely unique, first-of-its kind virtual challenge experience to inspire Kiltwalkers to get active, to get connected and to get fundraising for Scottish charities and projects.

Kiltwalkers can get involved in the Virtual Kiltwalk on GoJoe in two ways:-

  1. Take part in a Judy Murray vs Des Clarke challenge – join one of the teams on GoJoe, and then get out and exercise on the weekend of 11-13 September to help your team clock up more kms than the other.  Whether it’s run, walk, cycle or swim – all kms count!
  2. Challenge your friends or other Kiltwalkers direct to a challenge on GoJoe. Invite friends to download the app, create a most-KM challenge, and get active.  There’s nothing more motivating than a bit of friendly social competition. The direct challenges can start and end when you like.

Why not set up a fundraising campaign as part of this to make your exercise even more meaningful?

How do I sign up to the app?

The GoJoe app is available here. Press this link from a mobile so that GoJoe knows that you’re a Kiltwalker.

Is GoJoe free?


If I’ve already registered for the Virtual Kiltwalk Weekend will I automatically be added to GoJoe?

No – you’ll need to download the GoJoe app and get involved in the action by selecting a challenge.

If I’ve downloaded GoJoe will I still need to register with Kiltwalk?

The Virtual Kiltwalk Weekend is all about raising funds for your chosen charity and everything you raise will receive a 50% top up* from the The Hunter Foundation; however, in order to receive that top up you will need to sign up with Kiltwalk.

* The 50% fundraising top up will be granted up to a limit of £5,000 per walker or donor across all 2020 Kiltwalk events. Subject to deadline and trustee approval.

How do I enter a GoJoe challenge?

During the sign-up process within the app, you’ll be offered the option to either enter the Judy Murray vs Des Clarke challenge (and pick a team), or create your own challenge direct with or against people you know.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to decide straight away (and you can do both!).  For example, if you want to challenge friends to a most kms walk, run, cycle or swim challenge (but they are not yet users of the app), you can always invite them to download the app from the discover screen (magnifying glass at the bottom) and set up a private challenge later.  Or, if you can’t decide whether you‘re backing Team Judy or Team Des yet, you can always join a team later on from the Discover/ Events screen!  Just make sure you do it before the Judy -v- Des challenge ends at 5pm on 13 September.

How do GoJoe challenges work?

Once a challenge is created, then any activity you log on to GoJoe during the period of the challenge counts towards that challenge.  For example, if you create or enter a private team challenge – running, most kms – for 5 days, then every run you log via GoJoe will update all running challenges you are entered into during that time.  If you enter the Team Judy vs Team Des challenge (run ,walk, cycle, swim), then any activity you input during 9am, 11 th September - 5pm, 13th September will count towards that challenge and help Team Judy or Team Des win the challenge.

Can I join the Judy Murray -v- Des Clarke GoJoe Kiltwalk challenge after it starts?

Yes.  Just navigate to the challenge from the Discover tab, and then join a team.  Note, though, that only activities that you log after you join the challenge will count.  For example, if you join the challenge on 13 September, kms that you clocked up on the 11th or 12th won’t count.

When will the Judy Murray -v- Des Clarke GoJoe Kiltwalk challenge start and end?

It starts at 9am on Friday 11th September 2020 and ends at 5pm on Sunday 13th September.

How do I leave Team Des or Team Judy?

You can’t! No traitors allowed. Once you have joined a team, it’s not possible to switch.

Can I use GoJoe for challenges outside of Kiltwalk?

Yes, you can use GoJoe to create team-based challenges with people you know, at any time.

I’ve been out to exercise – how do I upload it to GoJoe?

If you’ve synced your Garmin to GoJoe (see below for how to do this), then your activities will automatically upload to GoJoe and all challenges that you are entered into.

If you don’t have a Garmin, then you can easily input details of any activities you have done by clicking the ‘+’ button which appears on the top-right of the home screen.  Simply select, distance, activity type, duration and start time, then click ‘Go’.  All challenges relevant to that activity will automatically be updated.

Note that all activities should be posted within a reasonable period (1 hour) after having been done.  There should be no ‘storing up’ of activities and deploying in one go – it could ruin the experience for others. Maximum limits are in place which prevent excessive and unrealistic distances being entered.

How do I see the latest results of a GoJoe challenge?

Go the challenges dashboard on GoJoe. You can access the challenges dashboard by clicking the swords icon at the bottom of the screen.  Then click the relevant challenge.  From here, you can see the solo and team results breakdowns (by clicking ’team’ or ’solo’ from the top), and you can see which individual activities users have logged to that challenge by clicking on their total kms.

I’ve made a mistake on an activity entry – can I change it?

You can delete an incorrect entry by locating the entry in the feed and swiping left to delete.

I have a Garmin – how do I sync it?

You can sync your Garmin either during the onboarding process, via the ‘Add Wearable’ button that you access by pressing the GJ button at the bottom. It’s really easy and you’ll know that the connection to Garmin is live if a blue tick appears by the Garmin (if the blue tick doesn’t appear by Garmin then you’ll need to try again or contact Once you’ve connected Garmin to GoJoe, any activity you undertake which is registered on your Garmin will automatically sync with GoJoe once you have synced that activity with your phone/ Garmin Connect app in the usual way.

I have a wearable that isn’t listed – can I sync to GoJoe?

At the moment, GoJoe only integrates with Garmin but you can still use the manual upload feature within GoJoe to add your activity.  We’re working on integrating all other wearables as soon as possible, but please bear with us, we’re only a few months old!

What’s to stop people cheating on the app?

GoJoe is all about friendly, social competition – and Kiltwalk is all about raising funds for charity.  We trust our users to self-regulate when it comes to inputting details of their activities.  Inevitably in life, you always get the odd person who might try to ruin the experience for others by making up entries or putting in silly distances.  We do have ways of identifying these people, but if you do see any suspicious entries, do please feel free to notify us at (subject line ‘Report Entry’, with details of the activity in question), and our team of detectives will look into it.

As an aside, if you want to create a challenge with friends, it’s possible to mark that challenge as ‘wearables only’, i.e. so that manual entries don’t count.  For Kiltwalk, we are all about encouraging as many people as possible to get active - and lots of those people won’t have wearables.  Therefore manual entries are allowed.

I have question that is not listed here – who can I contact?

Any questions or feedback about the app can be sent to  We’d love to hear from you!

Ready. Set. GoJoe

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